Rochus Aust and Verena Barié, both artist-curators at LTK4 in Cologne/Germany, have prepared audios for your free usage in your video.
We encourage you to make use of these soundtracks with your own imagination.

Take it, use it and show it!

The resulting work will be shown within the installation AV-Bankomat in Cologne at LTK4’s venue starting in summer 2024.

deadline: 31st of May 2024

video less than 5 minutes
no credits and/or titles included in the video
your titles and credits as well as stating credit „audio by“ at the end of the video in white font on black screen
send your work to:
access to the audio files by scrolling down

YIELD RECORDINGS from New York City, Singapore, New Delhi, Auckland & Marseille

New York City
New Delhi
CALL 1 download


Jochen Schemm/DE · OHNE TITEL (2024) · Video 04’ 56“
Saman Haghighivand/IR · FLUX EXPERIMENT (2024) · Video 05’ 02“
Mourad Hamla/DZ · THE VOID (2024) · Video 02’ 11“
Julie Halazy/FR · USER EXPERIENCE OPTIMIZATION (2024) · Video 01’ 05’’

could be you
to be announced shown at

Imagine you are visiting a Museum: you lock up your handbag, your umbrella or what ever you carry with you, which is not allowed in the exhibition rooms. You believe your belongings are save in the locker. But can you be sure? Do you really have an idea what happens inside the locker while you get inspired by the arts? Are your belongings inspired as well or just bored or – you never know – naughty?
To investigate Rochus Aust and Verena Barié, both artist-curators at LTK4 in Cologne/Germany, visited Museums globally and recorded the inside-audio of lockers over various periods of time. In continuation they prepared the audios following three rules: densing, transposing, roomificating. The results are small abstract soundtracks for not yet created visual content. 
Instants Vidéo & LTK4 encourage creatives to make use of these soundtracks for their own imag(e)ination. Take it, use it, show it.


Instants Video and LTK4 are inviting video artists to propose a mute video to be sonorized live by LTK4. The premiere will be a performance at Instants Video Festival Marseille in October 2024, followed by a presentation at LTK4 in Cologne. Analogous to the LTK4 video call with artistically free use of the provided audio samples for the video submitter, the LTK4 artists will use the video material submitted to this call as a sample basis to create a multi-dimensional media performance. Therefore please state in your application if your submission is a video on a fixed timeline or rather a collection of visual material. The selected works will receive a copy of their soundtrack.

deadline : 31st of May 2024

requirements :
the video material can be created especially for the occasion or could be a pre-existing video of yours from which the sound has been removed.
video and material less than 5 minutes
mention in submission text if it is a fixed timeline video or a visual material collection
if the video is afterwards used by the artist with the sound of LTK4, mandatory credit stating „audio by“
send your work to: